Ladysmith Islamic Welfare

Ladysmith Islamic Welfare officially started operations in April 2021 and is blessed to have many welfare organisations and individuals who are doing sterling work in assisting with the town’s welfare needs.

A few concerned individuals identified a huge gap in the welfare needs of our town and thus Ladysmith Islamic Welfare was created. We are all aware of tough economic climate that we are faced with at present. There are many within our community who are really struggling financially. The level of unemployment is at its highest ever and lots of homes are barely surviving on government grants and meagre handouts from organisations and individuals.

To this end Ladysmith Islamic Welfare is endeavouring to providing humanitarian assistance to the unemployed, widows, orphans, and other needy persons of our community.

The following are some of the activities the Ladysmith Islamic Welfare has been involved in:

• Assistance with electricity.
• Food hampers to families.
• Financial assistance to families struggling with rental and other financial challenges.
• Assistance with various individuals in getting out of interest-bearing loans.
• A need was identified for the creation of an orphanage and child-care centre. A centre has been established.
• Medical assistance in the form of hospital assistance, GP consultations, dental treatments, medication, spectacles and eyecare etc.
• Counselling services to many people struggling with abuse, violence, drugs, bullying etc.
• Assistance with funding for basic business and home industry initiatives.
• With the assistance of Darul Ihsan free courses for caregiving, computer literacy and sewing / fashion design to enable employment. Home industry and gardening courses to follow.
• Repairs to various vehicles and tractors etc to enable individuals to continue with their work.
• Flood relief to businesses and homes affected by the frequent flooding.
• Assistance with school fees, stationery and uniforms.
• School transportation.
• Assistance to families and businesses affected by fire damage.
• Borehole installations at various locations making water accessible to the community especially during the frequent water interruptions.
• Water distribution to various communities via water trailers donated by Gift of the Givers.
• Coordinating the creating of a single data base of the needy in town with the intention of eliminating of duplication.
• Drug awareness programmes.
• Assistance with home renovations / improvements.
• Assisting with the repatriation of various foreign nationals.
Ladysmith Islamic Welfare runs an office located at 57 Centenary Road. Thorough checks and balances are done to ensure that the information given to us is accurate and that we correctly vet the eligibility of our recipients. We also do home visits when required for many of applicants.